The Navajo Nation and Hopi Reservation are extreme food deserts with only 13 grocery stores on Navajo to serve some 180,000 people and only 3 small grocery marts on Hopi to serve some 3,000 people.  These communities also have high numbers of elderly, diabetic, asthmatic, and cancer-afflicted (i.e., high risk) individuals.  These communities could be devastated by coronavirus and COVID-19.  We want to help these individuals, especially the elderly and high risk individuals, and families with children, to gain access to the essential items they will need to weather this pandemic, such as food, PPE, and diapers.  The need is so great.

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This campaign is not associated with the Navajo Nation government (or the official Navajo Nation government’s fundraising campaign on GoFundMe) or the Hopi Tribe.  Instead, this fundraiser is an initiative of Yee Ha'oolniidoo, a grassroots, indigenous-led, nonprofit organization.