New Mexico Health Security Act

Santa Fe DSA supports the New Mexico Health Security Act. The NMHSA will provide affordable health care for all New Mexican residents through a publicly-run, nonprofit co-op health insurance plan that will push private insurance to supplemental status. The HSA is legislation designed by New Mexicans for New Mexicans, and if it’s passed, it will be the first of its kind in the country. You can learn more about the HSA Plan at the NMHSA website and you can view the videos below, too.

If you’re ready to help get the HSA passed by the state legislature, you can find your rep and send them a message.

What is the New Mexico Health Security Act?

We’re also posting video testimonials from New Mexicans, like the one below, that highlight support for the HSA and concerns over the affordability and accessibility of health care in New Mexico. Think of these videos as direct messages to your state rep. If you would like to film a testimonial, please email us at

Testimonial from DSA SF member, Ken Baumann